“In Buzz Bernard’s heart pounding, gut-wrenching CASCADIA something wicked this way comes. Problem is what’s coming is literally earth shattering and there’s no stopping it.” —Reed Farrel Coleman New York Times Bestselling author of WHERE IT HURTS.

“CASCADIA is riveting, scary, and entirely believable . . . a compelling, page-turning thriller with the ring of truth.” —Jerry Thompson, author of CASCADIA’S FAULT

“CASCADIA’S easy flowing prose took me not only into the worlds of geology and history and discretely educated me, but the storytelling led me into the lives of well-done, three-dimensional players thrown into catastrophes both man-made and natural. And the ride is so much fun.” —C. Hope Clark, Author of the award-winning Carolina Slade Mysteries and The Edisto Island Mysteries

“Bernard packs a powerful story into a quick read . . . .”–Sincerely Stacie Book Reviews

“This book is an action packed and engaging mix of realistic fiction and suspense and reads like a train.”–It’s All About Books (ARC review)

“As I was reading Cascadia, I kept saying to myself, ‘This could make a perfect movie script without any changes at all.’ I could picture all my favorite stars in the main roles, and even as some of the minor comic relief characters. This would be a lot of fun. I hope it actually does happen, because this disaster could happen at any time, and the general population should know about the potential danger.

“Overall, a perfect summer beach book.”–Bill’s Book Reviews

“This book is very exciting and is everything you could want in a disaster movie, er, book. Widespread devastation, high stakes, narrow escapes, ordinary people turned heroes, it’s all here.”–Shannon Fox’s Isle of Books

“Suspense ebbs and flows like the tides. There are also threads of magic realism that tie the action to the history of natural disasters all over the world. It’s a nice touch.

” . . . it’s a rousing read that is hard to put down once everything gains momentum. Bernard gets his facts right and knows the tsunami inundation maps well. He gets the history right and his portrayal of the destruction is solid. He also illuminates the need for disaster preparedness, not just in western Oregon, but everywhere.”–Portland Book Review