“H. W. ‘Buzz’ Bernard bursts on the scene with Eyewall, a compelling and suspenseful tale told with the insight and authenticity of one who has walked in the world of the famed Hurricane Hunters and endured the harsh realities of a major, devastating storm.  Great characters combine with razor-sharp suspense and leave you breathless.  A one-sitting, white-knuckle read.” —-Vicki Hinze, award-winning author of Deadly Ties.

“A dramatic and frenzied story of how an angry hurricane collides with the frailty and heroism of human nature.  After reading the exciting and emotional Eyewall, I admire even more those who work to protect us from the next Cat 5.” —-Michael Buchanan, co-author and screenwriter, The Fat Boy Chronicles and Micah’s Child.

Buzz Bernard conjures up one satisfyingly suspenseful situation after another in this novel.Eyewall has all the adrenal intensity of a roller coaster combined with intricate plotting, compelling characters, and a larger-than-life situation expertly handled. This jewel of a thriller founds itself on character complication in the midst of an all-too-believable natural disaster that will keep you turning pages to its exciting conclusion. There is nothing calm at the eye of this perfect storm of a book.” ––Brian Jay Corrigan, award-winning author ofThe Poet of Loch Ness.

“An edge-of-the-seat, action read of the finest quality.” —-Elizabeth Sinclair, author of Hawk’s Mountain.

“Riveting.  Intrigue, power struggles [and] frightening reality from several perspectives. Eyewall will keep you more than interested.” —-Marshall Seese, retired anchorman and meteorologist, The Weather Channel.

“Eyewall is a well written and very gripping thriller.  This book is hard to put down.  [It] races along just like the hurricane that is bearing down on St. Simons Island.   It is an excellent thriller ….” —-Kathryn Poulin, MysteriesEtc.

Not since the ‘70s and Jaws have I read a book that I literally did not want to put down. [Eyewall] gets a great big WOW from me.  A wonderfully suspenseful book from beginning to end, very reminiscent of Peter Benchly, except the monster is not a shark but a hurricane.  I recommend it highly.” —-Kathleen Kelly, Goodreads.

“Readers will be amazed at how many lives are affected by a very deceptive force of nature.  Bernard’s story is very entertaining and a great read and it will captivate your imagination and attention from the very first paragraph.” —-Sabrina Cooper, RT Book Reviews.