When Heroes Flew



For B-24 bomber pilot Al Lycoming, the mission was history in the making.

Dispatched to Benghazi on mysterious orders, he finds nearly 200 other B-24 bombers being assembled...and a top secret assignment that will catapult them all into seemingly impenetrable Nazi defenses.

Their mission: a daring low-level attack on Hitler’s extensive oil refineries.

But when his co-pilot falls ill, Albert is forced to secretly find help from an unlikely source—a female pilot who ferried a bomber from America.

Together, the two launch on the most daring bombing raid of WWII...and into the pages of history.

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The Shangri-La Raiders



The Shangri-La Raiders is a sweeping WWII drama set against Jimmy Doolittle’s audacious bombing raid on Tokyo in 1942. In an epic tale tracking a B-25 crew from the US across the Pacific to its ultimate fate in war-torn China, a young American officer finds death, honor, and betrayal, but also enduring love.

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The Roof of the World



A legendary WWII airlift mission cuts through the snaggletoothed Himalaya Mountains, where both the terrain and weather prove uncommonly savage. And American airmen leave a trail of blood and mangled aircraft across northern Burma.

“I would rather fly a fighter against the Japs three times a day than a transport over the Hump once.”

Aviator Major Rod Shepherd, a C-46 pilot and Army Air Forces weather officer, flings his aircraft into the tumultuous skies to fly critical missions over the Hump. He braves not only the extreme—even impossible—flying conditions, but commanders who believe weather support is useless and a flight nurse who, for reasons unknown to Rod, dislikes him intensely.

Rod risks incredible danger with every flight. But when a mission of grave importance is imperiled at high altitude, Rod faces an unthinkable dilemma.

In The Roof of the World, former Air Force officer H.W. "Buzz" Bernard sweeps readers into some of the most dangerous flying of WWII. Join Major Rod Shepherd in the cockpit to experience history firsthand.

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Down a Dark Road



Down a Dark Road transports readers to the shadowy forests of WWII Austria, where a weary and battle-worn Army platoon is about to discover the war’s darkest secret...

As the war in Europe draws to a close, young Army lieutenant Jim Thayer finds himself and his platoon on the point of the American advance into Austria. Jim and his men are no strangers to the horror of war. But what they find hidden in the forests of Western Austria is beyond anything they have yet experienced.

Battling remnants of the legendary Waffen SS, Germany’s elite fighting force, Jim and his men come face to face with the cruel brutality of the Nazi regime. And bear witness to the fields of death left in its wake.

Determined to hunt down the architect of this atrocity, Jim dispatches an unofficial team of unlikely allies—an American bomber pilot, a German Luftwaffe fighter pilot, and a young Austrian woman.

The war may be ending. But for these strange comrades in arms, the final battle has only just begun...

In Down a Dark Road, former Air Force officer H.W. "Buzz" Bernard plunges readers into the final dark and bloody chapter of the war, as they follow Jim and others into the true heart of darkness.

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