Buzz Bernard’s latest thriller takes us along as a disgraced storm chaser strives to regain his ruined career, connect with his alienated son, and win a deliciously sleazy movie producer’s million-dollar reward for film of an EF-5 tornado. On board for the chase is a female FBI agent with her own issues who’s chasing two brothers who use their storm-chasing skills to loot destroyed homes and stores. It’s a wild ride you don’t want to abandon to eat or sleep.  —Jack Williams, author and founding USA Today Weather Page editor

Buzz Bernard’s new novel is a compelling drama packed with real-world science. Supercell races along with all the speed of a twister . . . and carries through to its final, thrilling conclusion.  —Michael Wallace, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, The Righteous

Buzz Bernard has succeeded in writing a captivating book that not only helps inform people about severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, but gives a glimpse into the challenges, frustrations, dangers, and—sometimes—successes of storm chasing. He has woven this into a drama filled with interesting characters and an exciting plot.  —Greg Forbes, Severe Weather Expert, The Weather Channel