The Roof of the World

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Published by: ‎ Severn River Publishing
Release Date: May 24, 2022
Pages: 302
ISBN13: 978-1-64875-224-7x



A legendary WWII airlift mission cuts through the snaggletoothed Himalaya Mountains, where both the terrain and weather prove uncommonly savage. And American airmen leave a trail of blood and mangled aircraft across northern Burma.

“I would rather fly a fighter against the Japs three times a day than a transport over the Hump once.”

Aviator Major Rod Shepherd, a C-46 pilot and Army Air Forces weather officer, flings his aircraft into the tumultuous skies to fly critical missions over the Hump. He braves not only the extreme—even impossible—flying conditions, but commanders who believe weather support is useless and a flight nurse who, for reasons unknown to Rod, dislikes him intensely.

Rod risks incredible danger with every flight. But when a mission of grave importance is imperiled at high altitude, Rod faces an unthinkable dilemma.

In The Roof of the World, former Air Force officer H.W. "Buzz" Bernard sweeps readers into some of the most dangerous flying of WWII. Join Major Rod Shepherd in the cockpit to experience history firsthand.

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