A lot of people may not like Ike

The presidential campaign is off and running. And for those of us who have been around awhile (okay, quite awhile) we remember a campaign button from the days of yore that read “I LIKE IKE,” Dwight Eisenhower’s catchy little phrase.

We’ve got another Ike around this weekend, and a lot of people may end up NOT liking him. Hurricane Ike blustered his way to a nasty category 4 level yesterday, but today his testosterone readings seemed to have dwindled.

But don’t write him off. The forecast calls for Ike to get all macho again as he nears south Florida (and/or Cuba) in a few days, so it would behoove residents there to pay close attention to his shenanigans. I trust Ike won’t become quite so violent as my fictional hurricane Janet in EYEWALL whose central pressure dropped to 875 millibars, the lowest on record in the western hemisphere.

The record in reality is held by 2005’s Hurricane Wilma: 882 millibars. Andrew was 922 millibars when it thundered into south Florida in 1992. Let’s hope Ike doesn’t measure up–down?–to that standard. Or get anywhere near the mark set by make-believe Janet.

Speaking of Janet and EYEWALL, I fired off four more query letters a short time ago. I got one reply within half an hour from an agent who didn’t see it as “the right fit” for her. “Strong project,” she said though, but maybe that was just boilerplate.

Anyhow, here’s my scorecard to date: 12 queries; 1 “send the manuscript” (evaluation still pending, but exclusivity expired) and 6 “not interesteds.” Five agents have yet to respond.

I’ll be back on duty at The Weather Channel on Sunday. And probably not liking Ike very much.

Photo: Hurricane Ike (NOAA IR image, Sept. 5)
Another weekend, another hurricane.  This time it’s Ike, and he may end up with a lot of people NOT liking him.  (Dwight Eisenhower’s campaign button read I LIKE IKE.)


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