So here it is! What do you think of my new Website?

With the recent release of my second novel, Plague, I figured it was time to spruce up my digital image.

Plague is a lot different from Eyewall, but just as much of a page turner. From the world of violent hurricanes in Eyewall, I venture into the world of bioterrorism in Plague. The inspiration for Plague sprang from my fascination with the Ebola virus, perhaps the deadliest pathogen known to man. The thought that Ebola could be weaponized is absolutely terrifying.


For my non-Facebook friends, it’s time to bring you up to date on my authoring life.

First, my upcoming novel is now called Plague. It was born as The Koltsovo Legacy and went through three or four title changes before reaching the “carved in stone” stage. Plague.

Second, the release date for Plague is September 15. There’ll be an Atlanta Writers Club-sponsored launch party (book signing) at Peerless Book Store in Alpharetta, Georgia, that evening.

Third, my Website is currently in the process of being updated/upgraded. You should be able to view the new and improved model here by the middle of August.


You know it’s going to be a bad day when…

Your wife tells you you’ve got your shirt on backwards. Well, look, it was early. I wasn’t totally awake when I got dressed. And I thought it was just a high-necked tee shirt.

Ironically, however, it’s turning out to be a good day. Thanks to my friend and fellow International Thriller Writer, Allan Leverone, I found out that Eyewall is a finalist in the EPIC eBook Awards Suspense/Thriller category.

Okay, so you’ve read Eyewall and maybe are looking forward–gee, I hope so–to something else authored by yours truly. But my next novel, whatever it’s called (more on that later) won’t be out for about a year.


A psychopathic terrorist is about to unleash weaponized Ebola, The Black Death of the 21st century, on the U.S.

Only Richard Wainwright holds the key to stopping the attack. And he’s wounded, wanted for murder and being hunted by a German hit-woman.

So goes The Koltsovo Legacy, my next novel, due out in September 2012. Unlike Eyewall, it’s not about weather. But like Eyewall, it’s based on fact.

Koltsovo is a real place, a settlement near the southwestern Siberian city of Novosibirsk, Russia, and home to the Koltsovo Institute of Molecular Biology. During the Cold War, the institute was a factory of death.