So here it is! What do you think of my new Website?

With the recent release of my second novel, Plague, I figured it was time to spruce up my digital image.

Plague is a lot different from Eyewall, but just as much of a page turner. From the world of violent hurricanes in Eyewall, I venture into the world of bioterrorism in Plague. The inspiration for Plague sprang from my fascination with the Ebola virus, perhaps the deadliest pathogen known to man. The thought that Ebola could be weaponized is absolutely terrifying.

And terrifying is perfect for novels.

At the launch event last Saturday, I discussed some elements related to the novel that I probably won’t discuss elsewhere, like in a blog. But here are a few topics I feel comfortable addressing more publicly:

There probably should be a warning label on the book. The opening scene is pretty darn graphic, as are parts of chapters 15 and 27 describing death by Ebola. They’re paragraphs you wouldn’t want to read just before, during, or after eating.

My editor described the ending as “kick ass.” That pleases me. But here’s a point to ponder: How does a writer create a “kick-ass” ending with a female Methodist minister involved?

There’s a zinger in the epilogue. I thought that was kind of cool. It’s not something you see often. Usually epilogues merely wrap up what happened to the main characters in the wake of the drama. (Hey, no peeking at the ending and epilogue before you read the book.)

The original title of the novel was The Koltsovo Legacy. (The reason will become obvious as you read the book.) The name derives from the Koltsovo Institute of Molecular Biology, a real place in Russia. But I didn’t want people to think the novel was set in Russia. It’s not. The stage is Atlanta. Besides, my publisher, BelleBooks, wanted a one-word title, following along the lines of Eyewall and my work-in-progress, Supercell.

So, if you enjoyed Eyewall, I think I can offer you an equally as thrilling, but different, ride in Plague. Just remember my caution about the rather graphic scenes of death by Ebola.

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