Now that I’m retired, it’s full speed ahead on INSIDE THE WEATHER CHANNEL. You probably noticed I finally got around to updating my Website to reflect this new focus.

I’m close to getting a proposal package finished, so will soon commence harassing literary agents.

But first I’m going to dangle a portion of my proposal in front of my favorite literary critique group. The group meets at the local Barnes & Noble once a month and is probably hungry for new prey since it’s been a month since we last met. They’ll snap and snarl and rip my effort to pieces, but it’ll come out the better for it.

Actually, the group is very professional, courteous and astute and has never failed to make my writing better. I love ‘em for it.

And one more update. Remember my “Ya just never know” blog? Well, much to my surprise, something seems to be actually happening there.

The guy who was interested in doing a movie script based on THE OLDUVAI CONSPIRACY, a not-too-well written early novel of mine, has actually generated some interest. He verbally pitched the concept to a producer (“a heavyweight pitcher to the big guys”) who apparently was interested enough in the idea to take it to an executive producer. That’s where the money is.

Again, I’m not holding my breath. But it does make life–retirement–fun.

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