Hope? Forgedaboutit

Just when I thought it was safe to start swinging my golf clubs again (it climbed over 60F here in Atlanta this week), just as soon as the birdbath outside my front window had thawed, and just as soon as the city street sweeper had finished brushing away the sand and gravel deployed to combat our recent icy assault, I had to go and look at the extended-range forecasts for next week.

The golf clubs went back into the closet.  The birdbath, alas, will likely again take on the appearance of Lake Erie in January–at least in the mornings.  And maybe the city should have left the sand and gravel on the roads just a bit longer.

Keeping in mind my circumspection about weather outlooks peering more than three days into the hazy future, I’m still pretty darn certain that our brief flirtation with spring in the South is on life support.  As a matter of fact, for most of the eastern half of the U.S., the recent moderation in temperatures is about to go the way of Congressional bipartisanship.

In the wake of a major Saturday/Sunday/Monday storm system–thanks, California–polar air will counterattack into the eastern half of the country next week.  It’s going to turn frigid once more from the northern Plains to New England and palpably colder elsewhere.  Notice to sparrows planning on using my birdbath: you’ll need your ice chippers next week, at least if you’re planning on a morning soak, as well as your Dove.  (Dove? Well, what else would birds bathe with?)

As for the threat of ice or snow, it’s way too early to get either excited or concerned, but one of the models has been throwing out some Southern teasers for later next week.

But three days, remember.  Three days.

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