Beware the Deuce of March

It’s been a nasty winter for much of the eastern U.S. No reason for it to end now. And this time it looks as though parts of the Southeast will get their turn in the barrel as an early March snowstorm comes roaring in (see picture above).

For what it’s worth (and remember, you get what you pay for), here’s my take on Tuesday, March 2nd: several inches of wet, sloppy snow from north Georgia (yes, Atlanta, too) into western South Carolina and much of North Carolina.
The mountains of the Carolinas should do especially well: maybe a half-foot or more.

I think temperatures in metro Atlanta will be near or just above freezing during the day, and that should preclude any major snafus on the highways. But after sunset, watch out. Things could get ugly. The snow should be ending, or over with, but temperatures will drop below that magic 32F number.

Well, I’ll have more on this later as the spirit (or weather situation) moves me.

Rats. I was really hoping to hear the click-click-click of little hooves as March came in.


It now appears temperatures will be just a tad too high in the Atlanta area on Tuesday for the precipitation to start as snow. But as a strengthening storm center swirls eastward across northern Florida and barges into the Atlantic off the Carolinas, enough cooling should take place that the rain will change to wet snow.

Thus, I’m still expecting some slushy accumulation on grassy surfaces, decks, etc., in and around metro Atlanta later on Tuesday as the precipitation changes to snow. Areas to the northeast (Georgia mountains) and east (the Carolinas, as stated above) will see greater accumulations.

And again, icy spots are expected to blossom on roads Tuesday night.

Photo: At least in parts of the Southeast, March should be coming in like a you-know-what.
Hint for Atlantans: remember February 12th?


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