East Coast hurricane?

We’re approaching the time of year when my fictional Hurricane Janet launches its catastrophic attack on the southeast coast of the U.S. Early September is the statistical peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, and in my novel EYEWALL, Janet roars ashore on Labor Day weekend.

Well, well. What’s this? For several days now the GFS (the U.S. global weather forecast model) has been trumpeting a hurricane swirling along or just off the Eastern Seaboard at the end of the month.

Don’t panic. This so far is only in the dreamworld of a numerical model, and the GFS often gets “happy feet” when it comes to developing hurricanes. Further, there are no disturbances in the Atlantic right now that we need to be gnashing our teeth and rending our garments over.

Still, since the model has been so adamant and persistent regarding the birth and strengthening of this storm, I suppose we have to give it some credence. But not much. Not yet.

I just don’t want anything to steal Janet’s thunder before EYEWALL comes out next May. A little tease, some saber rattling perhaps, but no pillaging of Georgia or the Carolinas.

At any rate, ‘twill be interesting to watch trends in the tropics over the next week or so.

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