The weather’s gone to the dawgs

Last Saturday was a bad day for dawgs, both Washington and Georgia varieties. (And Michael Vick was nowhere to be seen.)

The University of Washington (my Alma Mater) Huskies were left whimpering and whining after being severely whipped (56-21) by a group of bullies from Lincoln, Nebraska.

At least the Georgia Dawgs weren’t embarrassed; they were merely beaten (31-24)… in the last 15 seconds by a herd of porkers from Fayetteville, Arkansas.

It’s gotta be the weather. It’s gotten into men’s (and women’s) minds. The Year Without a Summer in western Washington; the Endless Summer in Georgia.

Seattle, for instance, is typically cool–or maybe “pleasant” is a better word–in the warmer months of the year with a long-term average of 77 days reaching or exceeding 70F. As of yesterday, only 56 days had made it, the fewest since 1980. (Data from Cliff Mass/UW Atmospheric Sciences Dept.) Even the natives are growling.

It’s been just the opposite in Georgia. The heat refuses to relent. Yesterday, Atlanta rang up its 82nd day this year with a reading of 90F or more. That’s exactly double the mean, 41 days, of 1971-2000. And another sizzler is on tap for today. (It is coming to an end, however.)

So, perhaps the Georgia puppies will get back on track this weekend. The U-Dub canines, mercifully, have another week to lick their wounds before they travel to the warmer environs of Southern California. Maybe that will help.


Photo: Huskies thrashed by Cornhuskers (photo AP/Elaine Thompson).
Last Saturday was a bad day for dawgs, both Washington and Georgia varieties.  I think it has something to do with the weather.

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