A mock-up for the cover of EYEWALL

What you see on the right is a mock-up for the cover of EYEWALL. The final cover, which won’t be ready until the end of the month, may be, according to my editor, “very different from this one.”

But, she said, “the general look and themes will be similar.”

There are some things I think should be changed, and BelleBooks, my publisher, seems willing to address them. From what I’ve seen, BelleBooks does a superb job on its covers, so I no doubt the final product will be a real grabber.

Authors typically don’t have much input when it comes to covers–marketing people have the helm, which is probably as it should be–but it’s nice that BelleBooks is at least willing to consider my comments.

In the meantime, forgive me if my ancient heart palpitates with just a frisson of excitement as I see the first pass at a cover for my debut novel. For me, it’s like another battle ribbon for my writer’s shadow box. (Old military guys will understand what I’m talking about.)

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