Coolest golf shirt ever!

Okay, the shirt–I actually had four of them embroidered: two for me, one for my brother and one for my grandson–is not the most cost-effective way to promote a book, but I thought it would be kind of a fun to wear a shirt proclaiming I’m a novelist. Yeah, I know. It’s an ego trip, but you only have a debut novel once.

Elsewhere on my Website you’ll see that my book signings and appearances are beginning to come into focus. My fans, all three of them, have been clamoring for this information. The most important event to note is EYEWALL’s LAUNCH PARTY AND BOOK SIGNING on Saturday, May 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the Peerless Book Store in Alpharetta, Georgia. I’d like at least four supporters to show up for that.

Much of the last few weeks has been spent reviewing page proofs for EYEWALL, going back and forth with my agent and editor on the cover design, filling out forms and questionnaires in preparation for my blog tour and coordinating my book signings and appearances.

Other things, good things, have been happening, too. My agent, Jeanie Pantelakis of Sullivan Maxx has also agreed to represent my next novel, THE KOLTSOVO LEGACY. I’ve got some changes to the manuscript she wants me to address before she begins sending it to prospective publishers, so I’ve got that queued up on my “to do” list. Oh, and I also have a competition to judge for the Southeastern Writers Association.

All of which goes to explain why I haven’t written a word on my third novel, NESTED GRID, for about a month. I got about 100 pages finished and then got swept away in the rising tide of “other stuff.” Geez, I may never get to wear my new shirt on the links.

… and my wife was worried that I’d get bored when I retired.

Photo: Coolest golf shirt ever!
Look, Ma, I’m a walking billboard!  Well, it may not sell many books–most people don’t even glance at the logo–and it hasn’t improved my golf game, but at least I won’t have to wear a name tag at meetings.

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