So what does an author do between books?

Well, to be blunt, there is no such thing as “between” books. “Among” books maybe, or “all done” with books perhaps, but no “between.”

At the moment, I’m still dealing with Eyewall; plotting strategy for the release of ______ (yes, sad to report, there’s still no official title for novel number two); and working on Supercell, novel number three.

I’m currently QCing the audio version of Eyewall. Marshall Seese, the narrator, shoots me several chapters each week and I listen to and critique each one. He’s about halfway through the book and thinks he’ll be done by early April. I can’t wait. Marshall is doing an absolutely super job.

I’m also preparing to give a talk to a writers group, the Northeast Georgia Writers, in early March about my journey to becoming a commercially published novelist.

Right now, there isn’t much I can do for unnamed novel number two except gather my thoughts relative to a general approach for publicity. The book is due out later this year. I’ve thought about people I might strong-arm for jacket blurbs, am investigating various avenues of generating a buzz (no pun intended) for the book, and figuring out what I’ll need to do in terms of Website and Facebook updates.

For Supercell, I’ve written the first seven chapters, have completed an outline for the book, and am now scratching out dialogue that will appear later in the novel. At the moment, I don’t want to write any more complete chapters–which will be centered on tornado chasing–until after I go on my own chase in a couple of months.

After the chase, with Silver Lining Tours, I’ll be able to write those chapters with the same authenticity that made Eyewall so believable. As you probably know, I took a little jaunt through the eye of a hurricane with the Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters. (Ironically, at the time of my flight, I had no intention of writing a novel. That came much later. I just wanted to understand how the Hurricane Hunters went about their business.)

I’ve also spent time talking with Dr. Greg Forbes, The Weather Channel’s severe weather expert, and one of the foremost tornado gurus in the world. It’s insights from people like Greg that help me infuse my stories with credibility.

So, to reiterate, there really is no such thing as “between” books. The bottom line for me is that’s it’s not looking good for golf over the next few months.

That sound you hear is folks all over north Atlanta with homes along fairways expelling a collective sigh of relief.

-February 15, 2012-

IMAGE: The author hard at work listening to Marshall Seese hard at work.

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