Be the envy of all the kids in your neighborhood as you sip your morning java from a cup emblazoned with a biohazard symbol!

Yes, the Plague mugs and coffee cups have been a huge hit, but I’ve still got a few left which I’m offering as CONTEST PRIZES. Lucky you. (Pictured are the mugs; the cups are identical, just slightly smaller.) If you’d like a shot at winning a Plague coffee cup, read on.

This isn’t a random drawing thing, but a real contest. You have to have read the book.

Here’s the challenge. The ending of the book was inspired by an Academy Award- winning movie of quite a few years ago. If you can come up with the movie’s name, you get a cup!

Here are the RULES:

1) The contest is open to anyone, since I’ve confided in no one, not even my wife, what the answer is.

2) The contest closes November 15 or as soon as there are five winners (see below).

3) The first five entries with the correct answer win a cup. (You don’t have to pick it up, I’ll ship it.)

I would suggest using the Contact form on my Website, as opposed to the Leave a Reply section of the blog, to send me the answers. That way your answer remains “secret”–you won’t be offering suggestions to others.

Finally, here’s a HELPFUL HINT: Don’t try to figure out what the movie is by evaluating the setting or circumstances in the book. They won’t match those in the movie. Pay attention to the tension and dialogue in the final scene.

Have fun and good luck!

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