I was curious–and maybe you were, too–to find out how Plague would be received by the real-life inspiration for the novel’s protagonist, Richard Wainwright.

The inspiration for Richard came from an old high school friend of mine, Steve Miller. Steve, or more formally, Robert S. Miller, carved out a high-profile and extremely successful career for himself as a rescuer of distressed corporations. He later authored a very well-written memoir of his adventures in corporate America called The Turnaround Kid.

The “Kid” is now retired–well semi-retired, I suspect; I doubt Steve will ever fully kick back–in Florida.

Here’s his take on the novel:

I read your book with great relish.
(Actually, the relish was on the hot dog I was eating at the time.)

Steve, as you can see, has a wonderful sense of humor. Probably why I like him.

I was completely flattered to think the hero was modeled after me.
But there are a few details that said it really wasn’t me:
– Pony tail?  I don’t have enough hair for that.
Refusing to sleep with Anneliese? I couldn’t have turned her down.

Knowing Steve, the last comment is tongue-in-cheek. He’s a stand-up guy. Otherwise, I suspect, we wouldn’t notice he doesn’t “have enough hair for that,” due to the frying pan buried in his skull.

His bottom line for Plague:
Wonderful entertainment!
Thanks, Steve.

Oh, by the way, he also let me know he drives a Chevy Tahoe, not a Mini Cooper S, like Richard in the book. But the chase scene in Plague just wouldn’t have worked as well with a Tahoe.

PHOTO: Robert S. Miller (ainonline.com)

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