303295_443067792410644_2079144761_nEver wonder what a thriller writer reads?

I obviously can’t answer for every such author, but here’s my to-read list for the next few months.  I don’t know if publishers deliberately target this time of year for big releases, but it certainly appears that way, at least this year.  To me, it seems like the literary equivalent of the summer blockbuster movie season.

The writers whose books I’ve queued up are all ones I’ve read before, and who have seldom, if ever, disappointed me.

Here’s my list:

THE DIRECTOR, David Ignatius (contemporary espionage–release date 6/5).

MIDNIGHT IN EUROPE, Alan Furst (pre-WWII espionage–6/10)

THE HEIST, Daniel Silva (contemporary espionage/thriller–6/15)

SAND AND FIRE, Tom Young (military thriller–7/10)

DAYS OF RAGE, Brad Taylor (military thriller–7/10)

WAYFARING STRANGER, James Lee Burke (mystery/suspense–7/15)

Although I read primarily suspense novels and thrillers, there’s a nonfiction entry on my list, too:


Webb, if you don’t know, is a decorated marine, a former Secretary of the Navy, and a former U. S. senator.  He’s also an accomplished novelist having written, among other titles, Fields of Fire, a classic about the war in Viet Nam.  Webb’s is one of the few voices from Washington worth listening to.

There are a couple of other books (novels) I’m curious about because of their rave reviews, though I’m not familiar with their authors:

I AM PILGRIM, Terry Hayes (but I must admit, I’m a little daunted by the prospect of having to wade through 705 pages)

ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE, Anthony Doerr (this novel has a solid five-star rating and Doerr is multi-award winning writer)

That’s my summer to-read list.  What’s on yours?  (Besides SUPERCELL, of course.)

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