Eyewall-cvrThe Atlantic hurricane season is off to a stumbling start this year and doesn’t seem destined to become much better . . . or worse, depending on your viewpoint.  So far, only three relatively flabby (but soggy) tropical storms have popped up, Ana, Bill, and Claudette.

The Pacific basins, in contrast, have been spitting out hurricanes and typhoons like a toddler hurling his creamed spinach.

So what’s going on?  El Niño!  Yes, our favorite scapegoat for absolutely everything has returned.  (Well, maybe we can’t blame Donald Trump on it.)


I discovered recently, via a weekly email I receive from a Mr. Rob Eager, there’s a way to see which phrases from Eyewall are most frequently highlighted by readers on their Kindles.

Another wonder of the electronic-digital era. I can look over my readers’ shoulders.

Kindle readers, by the way, have the option of making public their highlights and notes, so it’s not like Amazon, the purveyor of Kindles, is electronically eavesdropping on them.

Anyhow, I was curious to see which, if any, phrases from Eyewall readers might be underlining, so to speak.


I’ve often bemoaned the fact that it took me so darned long, ten years, to get my first novel published after I began seriously writing fiction.

I understand there’s a learning curve involved and that almost all novelists have to follow the arc of that curve to learn the craft. But ten years? Perhaps–and there’s ample evidence for this–I’m just a slow learner.

But wait. In recent weeks, I’ve had second thoughts about lamenting a “lost” decade. Or, in the words of footballdom, “Upon further review….”


It’s nice to be number one in something, even if it is in giving stuff away.

Belle Bridge Books, my publisher, is running a promotional giveaway for EYEWALL. If you have a Kindle, you can download the novel from Amazon for $0.00… novels for nothin’, books for free. Better hurry, however, the promo probably won’t run much longer.

It kicked off on July 1st. EYEWALL, naturally enough, started out at the bottom of the pack that day, but by evening had rocketed to number one on the “Free in Kindle Store” list. It’s still there as I write this early on July 5th.