SteveBerry-Media-200x300Steve Berry is an international, mega-best selling thriller novelist.  According to his website, he’s sold 19 million books in 51 countries. Me? Another 18.9 million copies and I’ll be right there with him.

I’ve met Steve several times, but let me make it clear, we aren’t necessarily BFF.  If we were to meet again, he might recognize me, but might or might not remember my name.

He probably doesn’t realize it, but he’s been an “encourager” of mine, always, whenever we met, urging me to keep writing and reminding me–as he has many others, I’m sure–that “if I [meaning himself] can do it, you can do it.”

How I Almost Blew It With BLIZZARD

images-1You’d think after three novels I’d know the “rules.”  (Actually, as NYT best-selling author Steve Berry likes to say about his ten rules of writing, the number one rule is “There are no rules.”)  So let’s just call them guidelines.

I actually do know the guidelines, but I managed to ignore one of the most important as I pounded out the first draft of Blizzard, my work-in-progress.

Something kept bothering me about my opening chapter.  I just couldn’t pin down what it was.  There were two scenes in the chapter, and I kept switching them back and forth.  Alas, neither one seemed like the kind that would “grab the reader by the throat and drag him or her over the threshold into the drama.”  (Paraphrased from author Elizabeth Sinclair.)


It’s nice to be number one in something, even if it is in giving stuff away.

Belle Bridge Books, my publisher, is running a promotional giveaway for EYEWALL. If you have a Kindle, you can download the novel from Amazon for $0.00… novels for nothin’, books for free. Better hurry, however, the promo probably won’t run much longer.

It kicked off on July 1st. EYEWALL, naturally enough, started out at the bottom of the pack that day, but by evening had rocketed to number one on the “Free in Kindle Store” list. It’s still there as I write this early on July 5th.